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Customer Success Director
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


At AON3D, we are working hard to make additive manufacturing with high-performance engineering plastics a more accessible technology for engineers in all industries. Customer Success is vital to our long-term profitability. We will not be successful unless our customers are receiving massive value from our products and services. As such, we need a senior executive to own driving success for our customers. This role includes responsibilities for all Customer Success activities (e.g., on-boarding, training, documentation, technical support, applications support, adoption, advocacy, retention, etc.) and outcomes (e.g., additional purchases, renewals, up-sell, etc.). As the Director of Customer Success, you will be responsible for leading our technical support, documentation and applications engineering teams. You are a capable leader with a wealth of experience building success teams for industrial additive manufacturing.


AON3D makes affordable industrial 3D printers designed for printing high performance thermoplastics, including PEEK, PEKK, ULTEMâ„¢ 9085, polycarbonate and more. The AON-M2, its flagship 3D printer, is a direct response to demands for hotter print conditions and the careful thermal control needed for producing strong and dimensionally stable parts from advanced materials. Most importantly, it offers an open filament platform that empowers users to choose the right materials for their project and slash costs by avoiding expensive proprietary materials and license fees.

AON3D is dedicated to ensuring designers and engineers have greater access to cutting edge materials and affordable 3D printers so they can drive tomorrow's innovation today.



  • Ensure AON3D customers achieve success in additive manufacturing
  • Increase support plan renewal rates and reduce churn
  • Expand revenue by generating cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Improve lifetime value by increasing consumables sales and generating upselling opportunities
  • Optimize the customer lifecycle
  • Map the customer journey and define and manage key post-sales engagement points
  • Develop and manage opportunities for customer feedback
  • Identify and implement standard interventions
  • Define customer segments and relate these to tailored intervention strategies
  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Manage Customer Success activities
  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Applications Engineering
  • Print Process Support
  • Technical Support
  • Field Repairs
  • Documentation
  • Manage the effectiveness of the Customer Success team
  • Define operational metrics for each team
  • Establish system for tracking metrics
  • Regularly review metrics with the team, and share them with the Executive Team
  • Scale a world-class Customer Success team
  • Support the growth of a large, multi-disciplinary team that includes individual contributors and team leaders
  • Recruit experienced team members for functional and team lead roles
  • Onboard and mentor new team members
  • Own the Success Technology Stack
  • Responsible for the functioning and integration of our ticketing tools, documentation portal and project management platforms
  • Drive Customer Success throughout the Organization
  • Support marketing efforts by building customer success stories and customer advocates
  • Own the P&L by ensuring we improve our success on upselling opportunities to customers
  • Deliver machine field performance data to Engineering and Production for improvements in design and manufacturing
  • Provide the Product team with essential customer feature requests
  • Assist Accounting in driving improved forecasting
  • Communicate key metrics to the Executive team
  • Learn from Industry Best Practices
  • Share best practices in customer success, documentation, and more with the team

Required Skills

  • 5+ years experience managing a Customer Success team for a 3D printing OEM or service bureau
  • 7-10 years experience working in Engineering, Customer Success, or equivalent
  • Enthusiastic leader capable of influencing colleagues through persuasion, negotiation, and consensus-building
  • Background that includes post-sale and sales experience is ideal
  • Strong empathy for customers AND passion for growth, particularly in recurring revenue business models
  • Analytical, process-oriented mindset
  • Demonstrated expertise in the operation and maintenance of industrial 3D printers
  • Demonstrated understanding of high-performance thermoplastics and their applications in additive manufacturing
  • Excellent oral and written communication in English
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in relevant field
  • Experience working with slicer software, such as Simplify3D

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