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Senior Mechanical Engineer
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


At AON3D, we are working hard to make additive manufacturing with high-performance engineering plastics a more accessible technology for engineers in all industries. As a Senior Mechanical Engineer you will be defining and creating tools for people just like you. We're excited to build devices that not only perform remarkably and create beautiful parts but also reflect careful user experience design. You will be architecting, prototyping, building, and designing the hardware systems of our next generation 3D printers. You will be responsible for key system decisions that affect the final performance and reliability of the products. The ideal person for this role is a problem-solver with a thorough understanding of mechanical and kinematic systems and someone who will take the lead on projects to drive innovation. If you want to lead the design and create the tools you would love to use yourself, we want you as a Senior Mechanical Engineer.


AON3D makes affordable industrial 3D printers designed for printing high performance thermoplastics, including PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM™ 9085, polycarbonate and more. The AON-M2, its flagship 3D printer, is a direct response to demands for hotter print conditions and the careful thermal control needed for producing strong and dimensionally stable parts from advanced materials. Most importantly, it offers an open filament platform that empowers users to choose the right materials for their project and slash costs by avoiding expensive proprietary materials and license fees.

AON3D is dedicated to ensuring designers and engineers have greater access to cutting edge materials and affordable 3D printers so they can drive tomorrow's innovation today.

Why work at AON3D?

AON3D is, at its heart, an engineering company. To provide a missing pillar of the additive manufacturing world, we hire people with a broad set of technical skills (and from a wide variety of backgrounds) who are ready to take on some of the most challenging problems in the industry, from developing new processes for working with brand new high performance engineering polymers, to building new ways to enable machines to to precisely what is required for successful prints.


  • Push the capabilities of 3D printing by creating innovative solutions to challenging problems
  • Be a technical leader within a group of hardware engineers, designing, reviewing, and guiding junior colleagues’ work
  • Prototype new systems, mechanisms, test materials, and research 3D printing challenges
  • Architect the numerous subsystems of a 3D printer for performance, manufacturability, and reliability
  • Engineer the most amazing 3D printers on the market

Required Skills

  • Degree in mechanical engineering, mechatronics engineering, or similar field of study
  • Five years or more of relevant industry experience with the full product development cycle
  • Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) and member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ)
  • Strong knowledge of dynamic, kinematic, and control systems
  • Familiar with thermal systems, sensor design, and controllers
  • Experience with 3D CAD software including, especially SolidWorks
  • Regulatory experience (e.g., CSA, UL, CE)
  • Ability to find and prioritize tasks and work independently
  • Enjoy the gritty details of part design, material selection, and manufacturing techniques
  • Familiar with a variety of manufacturing methods for creating high-volume and high performance products
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication in English


  • 3D printing experience!
  • Familiar with polymers and polymer chemistry
  • Electronics and circuit design
  • PLM/document control systems
  • Programming skills (Python)
  • Industrial design

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